Research Methodologies in Music Education (2014) edited Kay Ann Hartwig, Published by  Cambridge Scholars

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Music as research, research as music Kay Hartwig 
Chapter 2 Introduction to historical research in music education Jane Southcott and David Sell 
Chapter 3 Quantitative Research in viable options for music researchers Helen Klieve, Wendy Hargreaves and Ron Morris 
Chapter 4 Narrative Inquiry Peter de Vries 
Chapter 5 Action Research Kay Hartwig 
Chapter 6 Ethnography and music education Georgina Barton 
Chapter 7 Case Study research in music education: an examination of meaning Errol Moore 
Chapter 8 Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Dawn Joseph 
Chapter 9 Arts-based methods in music education Beth Rankin 
Chapter 10 Mixed Methods – the third research community Stuart Wise 
Chapter 11 The Journey Continues Challenges for music education research Kay Hartwig